Secret for making your life happier

Secret for making your life happier

During seven years from 2003, I was placed in a tough situation where I had to care for my physically weakened mother by myself at home.  For the last one year she was bedridden and had dementia.  The moment I was out of her sight, she forgot even the fact I had been with her.

 After I started my nursing life, I felt I was gradually turning aside the course of my life.  My activity and free time was extremely limited   I had to be away from my original career path.  So I looked for something I could do at home. I wrote and published a book related to my method of introducing Japanese culture to foreign people and also articles for magazine on how to make both my mother and myself happy while continuing my care life.

For reducing the stress of care life, I hired visiting caregivers and tried to make small time for me daily.  I started learning or relearning several traditional Japanese cultures such as kimono-dressing, tea ceremony, story – telling and smelling fragrant woods.  I especially took a deep interest in tea ceremony. Every day I practiced it in my Japanese styled room and made tea for me. One day I found myself totally concentrating my attention on what I was doing.  My mind was perfectly tranquil and relaxed.  I felt as if I had lived in the world without any worries.  I realized why all the traditional Japanese cultures are called “Ways”.  They are ways for obtaining a peace of mind.   If we keep our hearts peaceful, we always can be happy regardless of any situation.  It was a great realization for me and I thought I would keep it in mind for the rest of my life.

 This finding transformed my attitude toward my mother, which improved our relationship. I could be nicer to her with more smiles and her facial expression changed to be milder.  Through my experience, I learned we have to make ourselves happy first to help our loved ones feel happy.  If everyone has the way to reach a peace of mind , I believe we can make the world happier.

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